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Failed to deployed application with serial connectivity


I’ve tried to deploy a project that connected with serial (rs232) and it’s failed with the following message:
"Device not found or cannot be opened - USB:Gadgeteer"
the USBClientDP connect with USB to another computer.
MFDeploy tool respond ping to the serial.

any suggestion ?



You have it set up for USB not serial ! That error message tells you it’s trying to use USB.

Can you clearly articulate where you are writing the program, what you have connected to that PC, how you’re trying to deploy the application, and how you’re trying to debug?


Write project on .NET Micro Framework 4.2,
the Fez Spider connect to my computer with serial module, the USBClientDP connect to the fezSpider and connect with USB cable to another computer (for power), I want to deploy my project for running it on another computer without connect the USBClientDP to power (only via serial).


Yes, as I said, you have to change your deployment in Visual Studio to deploy via SERIAL not USB, and as Andre says you need to make sure that you have Spider set for serial debug (but you seen to have done that because the mfdeploy ping works correctly over serial)