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EZ_PandaII MFDeploy problem


past week I’d updated firmware on the Panda II board and it was working fine. Than I’ve used Fez Spider until today and now attaching the Panda, I can ping and deploy correctly program on it, but when I use MFDeploy “show device info” I get exception error in the mfdeploy window where show ping result. FEZ_Spider and Hydra have no problem.
Is it normal ?


What kind of exception?


Hi again, I’m sorry but in this moment I’m away from PC, so I can’t post it becouse I don’t remind exactly which is the exception. I will do it tomorrow.
Thank you


Ok, I’m back with error on the MFDeploy:

Error: Null object reference. 

But ping works fine and deploy from VS2010 is ok. I’m using Win7 Prof 64bit, italian language, and It happen on two different PC.
I remember that after first firmware update few days ago, as soon I got the Panda II, it was fine.


It is very unclear to me of what you are doing or what the questions is.


Gus I’m sorry, probably I’m not clear.
This is very small problem, that happens when I try to execute “show device info” menu under MFDeploy. I need to check if the CLR loaded in Panda II is correct release and executing the mfdeploy option menu (under plug-in->debug->show device info) I get “Error: Null object reference” instead of the version list of the CLR on the board.
That’s all. I must say that ping and program deploy is working fine.
I’m asking if this is normal.



This is completely normal. This option is not supported on our products. You can alternatively use Target->Device Capabilities to get the info you want.


Ahahah … I’m very stupid !! That’s ok.
I’ve also Hydra and Spider, soooo I was very confused!!
Thank you Steven.