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Hey guys, I’ve packaged up a collection of NETMF extensions into an install. Same as my CodeShare but a few more items added and installed for easier access in projects.

Skewworks.NETMF.TypeClasses.DLL contains

Image32 - Support for alpha blending icons (P2I converter included)

Images - ImageFromBytes, Color convert & Shadow Regions

IO - Byte conversion, flush fs, reboot

PNGDecoder - Does what it says

Strings - AbsolutePath, FormatDiskSize, InQuotes, MonthToShortString, MonthToString, NormalizeDirectory, PadZeroLeft, RelativePath, Replace, ReplaceEmptyOrNull, SplitComponents, Tokenzie, WeekdayToShortString

StringSorter - Does what it says

And classes for Point, Rect and Size

Skewworks.NETMF.HAL.DLL contains
HAL interfaces


Greatly appreciated.

It may be easier for you (and would certainly be easier for us) if they were available via NuGet instead of a custom installer.


You’re absolutely right. That will be the next step. I have so much code to put in its proper place.

Hurrah for finally sharing all my secrets. :smiley: