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Extended Weak Reference Write Speed of Cobra


How do I determine the write speed of the Cobra when I write to flash by assigning extendedweakreference target? I want to vary my Thread.Sleep(?) call depending on size of the file and speed of writing bytes to flash. How do I determine size of my object in bytes serialized?


What are you trying to achieve by using different Sleep time?


I do not think this is something that can be determined.


It seems EWR is a bit foobar. In my mind, there should be at least a blocking call so you know, without guessing, when write operation is complete, or a callback. Write and pray feels so looseyy-goosey.


We have requested an addition of “Flush” method to EWR long time ago. Maybe you guys should also request the same as the more users ask for it the more likely it will be done.


how about typical write speed of Cobra?

I mean I’m just looking for approximation or experimental values. I could do this myself with processor speed, or experimenting myself but thought this would be a well known typical approximation with other users?


I don’t have exact times for you but I can say in Pyxis 2 there is more than one occasion where I write some values to EWR and immediately call a reboot; I have yet to lose any EWR data.