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Extended "FEZ Mini Robot Kit"



the “FEZ Mini Robot Kit” is a great tool, however, an extended 2nd version would be cool.

For example kinda a combination of the “FEZ Spider Starter Kit” with the “FEZ Mini Robot Kit” would be nice, then additional components like the camera or color-display could be used. :slight_smile:


Yep totally agree :slight_smile:


I was thinking about this also the other day.

If it had the ability to use the camera, then the bot could store images to a SD card, or better yet transmit them to a base station … either to a PC or another FEZ device :smiley:

I wonder how many FPS the FEZ Spider/Hydra bot could transmit a second…


In recent months I have for our robot club a workshop entitled “Robot programming with C #” prepared.
The workshop has started with 23 participants. Condition for participation was that the participant FEZ mini robot kit purchased.
The robot kit was chosen because it is easy to install, because the emphasis of the workshop is to program the robot using C #.

Some participants have been great changes / additions prepared. To avoid disruption of the workshop we adjustments until after the workshop in January further detail.

The goal is that the FEZ mini robot is well suited to participate in our contests Roborama.

So after January you can my input expect for the “extended robot”