Expressions of interest needed - Gadgeteer 5" LCD PCBs (@Dave McLaughlin's design)

With the Gadgeteer news surfacing, I am now rethinking my approach here.

I am going to get some PCBs made up for @ Dave’s open 5" Gadgeteer LCD that leverages the Newhaven displays, because I have a need to have a few. @ Dave talks about them here: I don’t know if there were ever any sales in Turnkey solutions, but there didn’t seem to be blinding enthusiasm either - so not really expecting that to materially change.

Last week, I was intending to get 10 PCBs made, order parts for 10, order a couple of displays for my needs, and offer up the “excess” assembled PCBs to the community. This week, I am more cautious since having 7 PCBs assembled and nobody interested is a little more costly. So, if you are potentially interested, let me know.


  • these PCBs will have mounting holes on 5mm grid for Holey Board or similar mounting, and RGBI sockets. They will also have @ Dave’s branding on them - he did after all do all the hard work in the design and testing of them!
  • I have NO idea at this point what the price point will be, but I’ll be ordering PCBs and components in small quantities, so they won’t be cheep cheep, but they will be kept as low as possible to cover costs.
  • this will be BYO LCD. I might include an option for supply of LCD as well if lots of people suggested it was preferred.
  • the Newhaven display the boards will be configured for is the captouch 5" high brightness display, NHD-5.0-800480TF-ATXL#-CTP-ND, 5.0 inch Premium Capacitive TFT Display.
  • I am NOT asking for money up front. I am NOT asking you for a firm commitment to buy. I just want to see if there’s any sense in ordering more components than I need

So, if you are interested, let me know in comments here.

Thanks again to @ Dave for his support of the community in providing the gerbers that will (may?) allow others the community to benefit from his work.


I for one would definitely be interested.

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Count me in Brett.

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Count me in as well, please.

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OK, I’ll get the full ten made up.

Anyone looking for PCB+LCD option?
Anyone want a particular PCB colour? I was thinking white PCB black silkscreen.

I’m interested in one or two

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I would be interested, but what is the effect of having parts shipped into Australia and then back to the US - in addition to the cost of shipping twice in/out of Oz, you would have to build in whatever import duties there are there. Or can you get around that by virtue of shipping them out of the country again (like a VAT rebate)?

If most of the interested parties are in the US (which may not be true), is there a case to be made for assembling them here and then shipping them out? Will that reduce cost, perhaps even for folks overseas (since you wouldn’t have to cover both Oz and your home country’s import duties)? Just curious…

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@ Brett - PCB Pus LCD for me.
Color - Anything but Green or Red or Yellow. A dark Blue or Black will be fine…

Colour wise I’m not bothered really. I bought the 5" display thinking it would fit the NHVN Module! :-[

[quote=“Sprigo”]Colour wise I’m not bothered really. I bought the 5" display thinking it would fit the NHVN Module! :-[[/quote] and it doesn’t? I too have a NHVN module, so please spill the beans??

I do believe that it is designed to only work with a 4.3" or 7" LCD.

OK, so that raises some interesting questions.

There’s no direct import costs for me to buy the components as they are all relatively low value (LCDs aside - which is one of the reasons I was suggesting bare PCBs).

Shipping will suck. I had just intended to use envelopes rather than boxes for PCB shipping (with LCD is a whole different problem).

Import into countries where things like VAT apply will suck. I’d try to minimise that where possible (“Gift” declaration and low declared cost, you know, all the usual eBay ships from Shenzhen tricks, and anything else individuals would want me to try).

Anyway, for about US$100 I can get 10x boards and a stainless steel solder paste stencil landed in AUS. I am expecting that the components costs is in the same ballpark, so that means about $20/piece, cheap and cheerful postage should be under $10 I hope (not explored). LCDs are about US$60/pop, and for me there’s only one price break which is about AU$1 at 5 units (they have recently removed the price break at 3off) so that’s a flat cost no matter how many I have to make.

But there is a bit of interest here that might nudge the order over 10x which will get a price break on PCBs to 20x, but that’s unlikely to have a big impact on the component costs. And while I need some of these boards (and so will be doing something here no matter what), others are also able to ask Dave for the gerbers and do a run, so a US option might well work out better if someone else put their hand up.

Nah. According to this thread it’s meant to work with the display that I’m targeting (well at least the 5" link now redirects to the one I’m targeting). Are you sure it’s not just the setup parameters you need to adjust? Start a new thread :slight_smile: Edit: yeah I see they don’t list the 5" on the module catalog page. Perhaps there’s something to that… I do know that the backlight power requirements is reasonably high on these displays, and perhaps the NHVN module doesn’t have the oomph to drive it.

FFC is shorter on the 5" than on the 4.7" & 7" so doesn’t reach the molex connector.

Email them, they are very helpful in the past and might be able to offer a price break on the 10

I’ll create a page on my website for the download files for all 3 boards this week. I’ll post up the link when done.

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Consider my hand raised. I’ll do a PCB run here. Perhaps I could even order displays here and send them to you in some creative fashion.

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“They” in this context was Digikey. As we were talking a week or so ago there was a price break at 3 and from memory there were probably some at 5 and 10, but now the page shows the 1x unit price and the 5x price (in US$ on the US DigiKey website, price is $60 and $59.376 so no saving). Of course could always consider ordering from NHVN themselves, but I’ll still need an Element14 or Digikey order anyhow for the rest of the components.

Anyone who has said they want one, best start laying out your country for shipping. @ MCalsyn and I will chat behind the scenes.

PCBs - anyone used Dirty PCBs and their stencil service before?

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I would be interested but given the “Gadgeteer announcement” we decided to resign from Gadgeteer sockets in the final design and replace it with pin header. I need 50-100 pcbs …

You need to approach @ Dave McLaughlin to talk commercial deal. We’re talking about 10’s across the community.

Having said that, I’d still personally go for RGB sockets for displays, that has to be better than pin headers specifically for the display

I use a 40 way FPC for my own custom designs. Cheaper for me than the 4 ribbon cables.

Drop me a direct message if you are looking for something special. I could implement the GXP socket or do you a custom board. Let me know in your message what you need.

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