Expanding GHI Electronics’ production throughput!

As you may know, all of GHI Electronics’ products are manufactured locally in its headquarters located in Michigan, USA. We take pride in the quality of our products and in the superb talent of our team.

With over 10 years of continuous success, we have decided to expand our production capabilities. As for the pick-and-place machine, we added a second Swedish made machine offered by Mycronic (formerly known as Mydata). The new machine is about 4 times faster than our existing one, thanks to the dual heads and to the linear motors. As for the surface solder, we have not used stencils in years because a few years ago we bought a solder jet printer and we love it. In fact, we love it so much that we have added a second printer! We didn’t forget about the oven, we have the best of the best oven with 8 top and 8 bottom heating zones. This is not your ordinary pizza oven, with precision reflow quality we get perfect lead free boards, every single time.

We did not stop there! We have also added a top of the line selective solder machine. We will no longer need to sit down and solder thousands of connectors by hand. You will simply love this $100,000 soldering iron!

What does all of this mean? GHI Electronics is expanding and now accepting high volume purchase orders and like always, we will be delivering high quality products with guaranteed on-time delivery. Interested in a tour? Just give us a call, we would love to show off our brand new machines.


Super !

Dodge logos on the doors eh ?

Awesome! Sounds like I’ve got an excuse to come up for another tour :smiley:


To get to a Billion devices they better be running Windoz 10 :whistle:

@ Bill Gates - Two of the machines run Linux. ;D

@ Rajesh - That would be the window that looks in to the shop. :slight_smile:

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I bet the others are running MS-DOS 6. Coz that’s how they roll in the machine tool world.

XP Embedded. Just sayin’

@ Gary - Its one of the things I like about GHI in that its stuff made on this continent and you guys aren’t whining about how cheap stuff is in China, you do what you do and prove everyone else wrong. Yes you can make/assemble electronic components and make a good living doing it somewhere that is suffering economically. Change is often the door that opportunity comes in through.


@ gary - how about one more pic from the end of the warehouse that shows what the entire operation looks like now?

@ ianlee74 - That’s what the tour is for! Plus @ Mike hasn’t finished cleaning up from the installation and there are still a bunch of empty boxes and such everywhere. Once that area is spotless again, I will take a picture that shows both lines up and running.

The company we bought the building from was a vinyl sign maker for buildings, cars, etc. So there are various signs of their creations in different parts of the building.

@ Gary - So you inherited the cemetery when you bought the church?


@ hagster - nope. 1 machine is running Windows 8, 2 are running Windows 7, 2 are running Windows XP and 3 are running Linux. For Linux 1 is Red Hat another is Fedora and the last one is Ubuntu.

Talk about diversity! :slight_smile:

Definitely need to get some Windows 10 in the mix, tho.

I think you’re all missing something… NONE of it is FEZ powered! This is not how you instill confidence in your clients. :wink:

If only I cared about your opinion. :whistle:

Is not Gary FEZ power?

Gary == Lunch power