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Excuse me sir, do you have the correct time?


One minor thing has been bugging me. The time displayed on the forum is in Eastern Standard time. Is there a way to allow us to have the time displayed in our local time zone? Even just having it fixed to GMT might be easier for folks all around the world.

Just an idea… :slight_smile:


Can you move to Michigan? I am kidding of course :slight_smile:


Jeff, is this a question about the real-time clock? If so, read the documentation. :smiley:


I’m talking about the forum, Mike:

:snooty: I was born in Ohio and have some die-hard Ohio State fans in my family. They might disown me if I moved to Michigan. :smiley:


I knew you were talking about the forum! That was why I put a smiley after my comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

My wife went to Ohio State. She never mentions it. Should be be ashamed about having gone there?


Sorry Mike, I’m switching hosts today for both email and my website :o and am a bit on edge causing me to miss the obvious humor :smiley:

Ashamed of OSU? Never! Actually I’m not a big sports fan, but I do work with a couple of University Michigan alum and I enjoy keeping the OSU <-> Michigan rivalry alive. Michigan is also our universities nemesis for solar car racing so I feel doubly proud to give them some good natured ribbing.


Ah Jeff!

Yes, changing your web and email host can be a painful experience.

I suggest you reload your firmware and see if the pain goes away. :smiley: