Exclusive preview of new GHI site



Tip: stay at the above link for a few minutes

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Conga line Fridays at GHI?

OMG this is too funny!

Try the forum:


Scroll to see Most frequent users section

@ Architect -

What… No sound!

Yeah :frowning: . May be they will add in next version/iteration.


I am using IE 10

I am using Chrome and I get sound.

@ Mike - Wow!!! It is even cooler now with the sound! ROFL!

@ andre.m - I have had no problems with Chrome except with a poorly written Web based time reporting system.

@ Architect - Yeah. The sound was the reason I made the conga line comment. Without hearing the sound, my comment must have seemed cryptic. :slight_smile:

It was :smiley:


Did you guys bring down the site? I can’t get to it from any browser.

Still works for me.

Weird… I can’t event ping hsmaker.com. It seems that our firewall may be blocking it for some reason. I’ll try again tonight from home.

Works in chrome for me.

I plugged in a different domain in the query string and it works just as well.

It’s working now from out of the office. That’s cool!

The Harlem Shake has to be the biggest MIME ever on the internet! Who sits down and builds these things.