Exclusive Invite

Now that Beta 2 is out I’ll be working on a Release Candidate which will be private beta only.

All GHI users with a rank of Senior + are invited to join. Simply post here and give me a way to get a hold of you and you’ll receive updates that others won’t see until the final production release.

mmm Exclusive Invite to what?

I take it this is something to do with Pyxis!

I haven’t tried Pyxis yet., I would like to! Will a bog standard Cobra and 4.3" display be okay?

Cheers Ian

P.S. You can contact me through my web site http://www.alexiasystems.co.uk

I would love to try it as soon as I get my ChipworkX.

@ Peter it’s an invite to test the Release Candidate as it become available. While Beta 2 has made a lot of changes since the first beta, there’s still loads we’ve got planned before the full release.

More Controls, IFU, improved Web Apps, finishing off the File Finder, adding more apps, caching icon results for faster desktop loads, etc.

@ Ian, I’ve got you down and I’ll notify you as soon as things become available

@ Architect, great! I know from Chris there’s currently an issue w/ the touch screen on CWX but I’ve got one coming as well so hopefully I’ll have it fixed in a few days.

@ Skewworks Does it run ok on a cobra?

I’m thinking of getting a chipworkX and if Pyxis2 runs better on a chipworkX it’ll spur me on.

Cheers Ian

Count me in … I have been planning to try your beta as soon as I had some time free.

Eric.R.Meyer[don’t spam me bro] at gmail.com

Remove the [don’t spam me bro] etc.


@ Ian it was designed and tested on a Cobra ;D

My ChipworkX should be here anytime now so I think by Monday I should have support for it and since the CWX is nearly 3x faster…it’ll be slick.

Plus I plan to add exclusive RLP enhancements to it, so get one!

ChipworkX is about 6 times faster not 3 :smiley:

Seriously? I thought Cobra was 72 & CWX was 200

ARM7 vs ARM9

I’ve solved all the ChipworkX issues and implemented SystemUpdates. The Release Candidate program will begin shortly.

IanR & Eric you can both expect an email from me tonight or tomorrow with details.

Enrollment will remain open for the length of the program so anyone Senior+ that wants in just post here.

@ GHI; if you want in just say so and I’ll email the usual suspects.

I have a cobra (no chipworkx yet), I would be glad to test it out for you.

Thomas… Got the link… Thank you.

I’ll get it on to one of my coba’s on Monday… I can check most of the functionality whilst at work

Cheers Ian

New board is coming in a couple of days. Count me in:

valen.ivanov [you know what] gmail.com

Pyxis RC ZIP is now available on the link that was sent out; I apologize for the added delay. We had a minor storm here that made my ISP curl up into a little ball and cry until just now.

Microsoft will be interviewing me Monday about Pyxis OS; so all of my testers get ready for a stream of updates throughout the weekend!


Cooooooool You area celebrity now. 8)

Watch out Thomas!! Microsoft will be poaching your idea’s… you know they can’t do anything for themselves… Ha Ha

Cheers Ian

P.S. Well written software… well done.