Exceeded maximum size of stream 'bytecode' : 66083

Doing a build and load (F5) got this:

Generating device specific assemblies.
Failed to generate device specific assemblies:
Exceeded maximum size of stream ‘ByteCode’: 66083

What does this mean ?

I am guessing you are exceeding the stream max size. Can you please share coffee that reproduce this behavior?

Code, he wants Code :slight_smile: But get him a coffee someone, too, stat !

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Lol. I need both code and coffee!


I’m actually trying to discover how and where this problem got introduced

The error likely means you have too much code in your assembly. In TinyCLR currently only 65,536 bytes of data are available for method bodies per assembly. One of your assemblies apparently has 66,083.

that’s what I thought. However, retrieving the latest from team explorer introduced this. Trying to recover from that now

How do I move code to a different assembly ?

Add one or more DLL to your solution?

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DLL’s Done

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