Exceeded maximum number (255) of locals


I’m estimating the effort for porting a netmf application to tinyclr and came to this issue what in the past was pointing to assembly’s that are to big.

Q: Is the supported assembly size the same for tinyclr as for netmf in the past?

The message i get on the main application assembly when i try to deploy:

Looking for a device on transport ‘USB’.
Found device port ‘USB’ with ID ‘53bd4a83-f995-4b8b-a3f2-7b8b9693d9cd’ for transport ‘Usb’.
Starting device deployment.
Attempting to connect to device ‘USB:SC20260’: iteration 0.
Opening port ‘\?\usb#vid_1b9f&pid_5010#6&5dcb3f8&0&3#{c13bcfe9-5e84-4187-9baa-45597ffcbb6f}’.
Attaching debugger engine.
Debugger engine attached.
Generating device specific assemblies.
Failed to generate device specific assemblies:
Exceeded maximum number (255) of locals: 790
Failed compiling method ‘MFC_SC.Program.ExecLine’
Failed compiling type ‘MFC_SC.Program’

If i check the binary in the debug folder it is 98Kb, the netmf version is 117Kb

It is indeed limite to 64Kb…