Example of industrial NETMF application

“Create some great projects and blog about them, then show us what you did so we and the immunity can blog as well.”

@ Gus - A PDF with a description of an industrial NETMF project by the [em]Mountaineer Group[/em] can be found towards the bottom of the following page, versions in German and in English:


Thanks to Michael for making this project possible, and for the generous permission to document it in this way!



Cool :slight_smile:

@ Justin - Thanks a lot for correcting my English in the flyer :clap:

So, now I’m off to our 20th company anniversary party…



Congratulations :slight_smile:

@ Cuno - And may the next 20 yrs bring lots of cool new developments.

Congrats to you and the team.

Well done, may the next 20 years be as great.

I thank you also Cuno,
for me it was a verry interesting work, pushing NETMF to an Industrial strength product.

Thanks to the Team from CSA and Oberon.

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Welcome to the community and congratulations on the success.

Hertzlich Welcome (some Germlish :slight_smile: )

The wiring in photo of the control box in the PDF is a thing of beauty!

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Thanks and hello community :smiley:


we have a complete production road for this :wink: