EWR on Hydra


I am developing a device that needs to keep some data in memory after a hard reset without the use of removable memory.

I started my project on a FEZ Cobra, but I recently changed for a FEZ Hydra.

On the Cobra, I have used the EWR with the function in GHIElectronics.NETMF.System.Util.FlushExtendedWeakReferences to force the flush.
However, this function is not available on the Hydra and my data is lost after the hard reset.

Does this function will be available soon for the Hydra?
How can I code this function using the RLPLite?

Thanks in advance

Correct, that function is part of the GHI closed source library.

Please feel free to contribute this method to Hydra and open source libraries. This can’t be done in RLP, you actually need to recompile the firmware with needed changes.

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