EVE electrical race car by master students engineering

Hi all, we are guiding / sponsoring Formula Group T.
This is a project run by Belgian master students in engineering from GROUP T who designed and built a small electric vehicle and compete with other universities worldwide in the Formula Student competitions during the summer. Areion was built last year and students are now developing the runner up, Eve.

I must say the result this year is awesome :stuck_out_tongue: and I wanted to share this.

Have a look at the spec’s :

And the team :

No GHI parts involved in this project but we are using GHI and netmf in our prototyping and commercial projects, I will post about this after the official release.


do you need beta test drivers? :slight_smile:

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teaser video… but this had no real races yet…

last year’s:

Just found the time lapse assembling and cooking the pcb at our office :

and some more footage from last years care :

Wow! That’s awesome. How far will it go on a charge?

Very cool and a worthy effort.

I think it is about time you turned it over to our tame racing driver. Some say he has a tendency to sleep inverted facing magnetic north and he once dated a Fez for six months before noticing it didn’t move, but all we know is, he’s called Gus.