Eval Board for G400D - Display CP7


Are there any software examples for this G400D eval board?
It would be nice to have some software so I could get started quickly seeing how it works.

This eval board shipped with some display from China which after I ran the Fez Config, it appears to
be a CP7.

I have some code example using a capacitive touch screen on the Cobra, however, this is a resistive screen and
I’ve seen some old stuff in the archives but I think that is on the old framework with gadgeteer.

I was able to just run a very simple program that downloaded and ran on the G400D but would like to see something
on the display.


I agree with you. There are many traps now that we are migrating everything, website, docs and products!

Are you all set on using NETMF?

Additionally, are you using our G400D Dev Board? If so, the display on there is the T43, not the CP7.

If you’re using NETMF, the basics of drawing can be found on the graphics document and touch on its document.

thanks for your response.

Yes , I think I am on the right one, I’m using .NET Micro Framework 4.3.
I remember, I had moved to that when I was working on a Cobra project and I am
thinking I should be able to use this G400D with the same framework.

There is one other strange thing I’ve noticed and maybe I have to start a new project over or something.
But on my old Cobra project, I see I’m using Microsoft.Spot.Presentation.Media for some things, however,
even though I’ve already seen in the references that my G400 project has exactly the same as the Cobra,
for some unknown reason, there is no Microsoft.Spot.Presentation showing up.
I put in an image, hopefully you can see it - it shows after I enter a “.” after SPOT in the editor, the little box comes up
and you can see there is no Presentation reference (should be after () Messaging and before PublishInApp…).

Anyway, hope you understand what I’m talking about - in my other project as mentioned, Presentation shows up ok.

Well, I ordered that board from one of your distributers (Mouser) as that was the only place where I could find them in
stock and it was the same price as what your link showed. I don’t think I can even order from GHI (right??). I didn’t see any option to choose a display and also did not even see any indication of what kind of display you would get (from Mouser).

The only thing I can see on the display is -> RXA-043005. This seems like could be what you say as it has 43 in the number but When I do a search for this number , I get this
4.3 inch Compatible 4 wire resistive 105mm65mm 10565mm RXA-043005 touch screen glass digitizer panel.
and a picture that matches what I have on the board.

Now, maybe I don’t really understand what Fez Config does, however when I go to Fex Config and go to LCD Configuration and then “Load from device”, it loads in the parameters and then selects Display CP7, so this is why I think it is a CP7. Here is a picture, hopefully it helps -

FEZ Config must be messing up somewhere when it selects the CP7. The display on the board is equivalent to the T43 in FEZ Config, so you can go ahead and apply that configuration and it should work fine, then follow the above two documents for information on how to draw to the display and sense touch.

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ok, thanks for your help, I did load in the configuration and see it is different than the T43 but then I selected
T43 and applied it to the lcd and it seemed to take it ok so I will follow the links you gave and give it a try.

Glad to hear it’s working so far, let us know if you run into any other issues