Euw 2015

Fez Cobra II was successfully solved connectivity problem between PowerMatcher and energy producers / consumers on European Utility Week in Vienna last week :slight_smile:

PowerMatcher is open source demand / response technology that balances devices. Cobra was middleware between energy producers (windmill, pv panels, battery), consumers (ledstrip panel, usb charger) and Powermatcher system (


Is there a link to anything? I canโ€™t seem to find more information about the cobra being specifically used.

Unfortunately there isnโ€™t any info available online. We work together with Alliander on this project. We were providing info about generated power from windmill and PV panels to their PowerMatcher system. PowerMatcher then gives back to us info about currently available consumption and we turn on ledstrip that represent consumers. Each led represents 0.23W. Application on Cobra was made with our own visual programming tool