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Ethernet Shield question



I have the Ethernet shield and used the code from here as my test project:

(I have also tried test code from the forums here with the beta driver from tinyclr.)

For some reason the code does not work and I believe it may be something fundamental, like perhaps bad hardware, but wanted to run that by people here…

If I step into FEZ_Shields.Ethernet.Initialize, into W5100.Init, there is a register write/read:

RegisterWrite(Registers.TMSR, tx_size); /* Set Tx memory size for each channel */

byte b = RegisterRead(Registers.TMSR);

Here it looks like a readback of the TMSR register is occurring, but the byte read is not the byte written. I always get a 0 back, which I think indicates the SPI read is failing.

I guess the next step is scoping the CS/SPI pins. Unless anyone else has any other ideas?



That’s interesting. I have used the Arduino enet shield extensively on my Domino, and for the most part it works really well, although there is one bug that I have observed where a socket response is partially blank.

Can you define “doesn’t work”? Specifically, what is the code failing at?


Hi Chris,
if you I have used the Arduino ethernet shield extensively on the Domino could you share some code with me as i am having big problems getting the shield working ? I am trying to implement a software to comunicate with pachube.



Have a look at my envo monitor project, here:


i’ve post my working solution here : .
Note : I must press the reset button on the shield to update the the IP address, then the shield respond to a ping and i can terminate the exchange with Putty.

next step : auto reset the shield…


Thanks to Chris and escargot. I will try both versions and give a report. Sorry for mjy double posting last time but i have to change my bouncny keyboard.


Hi voy,
i had the same bouncing problem last time too. Maybe too old machine. But i’ll also try both suggestions.


I have seen discussions about resetting of the ehternet shield. Can be fixed with a capacitor. Google it.