Ethernet/IP on a device near you

This keeps coming up. Like we have to bring you something. Thoughts?

Comming up where? What context?

I guess I will publicly throw my vote in. :wink:

It is a very strong YES for me.

I think Ethernet/IP will replace Modbus TCP/IP in popularity in the coming years.

-Such caught my attention and am , because of 50/50 chance of being right or wrong.?

-I like the , such is what we all do…
-Ambiguous : , , , take such to craps table in Vegas

-We and never deal with such type-of-demand
-There is always an alternative, at least from the many-many encounters I have been involved with

-I am sure, like all in this , writing a MODBUS <Serial / TCP> driver is old-hat

-Why : Every industrial device that deals with the MODBUS protocol has an embedded <Serial / TCP> <Client / Server>, ready to bang-bang communicate with whatever is on the outside world

-If not, get a MODBUS <Serial / TCP> -to- <Ethernet/IP> converter
-Just saying: Such is the easiest, cost effective thing to do in case, of course yours may be different.!?

-GUS (IMO): Focus on the stuff your users do not have knowledge in…your CORE stuff

Yes for us as well. Allen Bradley PLC’s are very strong in US market and use Ethernet IP protocol. This gives us more options for our customers to integrate our GHI based controller into their systems.