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Estimated Speed of FEZ Panda


I’m thinking of using a FEZ Panda for a quadro-copter aircraft, but I’m not sure if it is fast enough.
My main loop would have to read ~15 bytes from I2C bus, then do some calculations (maybe 40 additions and 40 multiplications) and then write the result to 4 PWM outputs.
What frequency for this loop can I expect? Will it run at a few Hz, a few kHz, or maybe even faster?
Ideally, I want a rate of > 150 Hz.

(I know FEZ Panda is not real-time, but it is no problem if there is jitter in the program flow, as long as it runs fast on average.)

Thanks for any comments.


Is this what you want to do? :slight_smile:

You should join these guys since they have done a lot of work.


Designing a quad is fun! Please join us.

to answer your question my implementation is running at 50Hz, and it’s still very fast.

You’ll need to know how long you need to read those bytes and how long it takes to do some calculations. For me it’s done in a few milliseconds, but I set the interval to 50Hz just in case something else (GC) kicks in.