ESP8266 users?

Hi all

well, i just discover this module

please anybody can confirm that it’s right working ? driver stable ?
what is the firmware inside the ESP8266 ? the AT firmware from Espressif ?
i already try several time the AT firmware (with a Microchip CPU), and my conclusion what that it’s not really reliable …


@wifipower - I created the module you mentioned. The firmware and AT firmware are pretty old now, probably 2 years out of date. The module has been discontinued.

well the module is discontinued, that’s your choice, no problem !
but i can myself add an ESP chip to a PCB… i just would like to know what was the firmware inside the ESP and if it was stable …?

the fact is that this chip and the ESP32 are really cheaper than any other wifi module !


I purchased the module and used Pervasive Digital’s driver. I am currently working on a project that will use a ESP8266 module. I have tested the module you mentioned in server mode for 3 days and had no issues.

thanks dweaver for your feedback, can you share the version of the ESP firmware you use ?


I have used 3 different ESP8266 boards ESP12, Wroom-2 that I purchased from Munderhill, and some a bought from China. They all seem to respond to the “AT” commands the same? The driver I used is here:

The ESP12 I am currenting using reports version: when the AT+GMR is sent.

thank very much for your feedback !
do you use it as webserver ?
do you notice any limitations or problems ?


Yes I plan to use them as web servers. In my limited testing I think they can do the job.