ESP8266 - CH_PD pin?


I am working on connecting my esp8266 module to a FEZ Spider (socket 11 - type PUY).

The odd symptom is when I pull the pin CH_PD high (3.3v) the FEZ Spider stops responding
to all commands when connected to the debugger. It looks like it powers down.
If I leave the pin to float the esp8266 seems to power up fine (the power button is illuminated)
I have read that the esp8266 draws high current so I have tried this with all other devices disconnected.

I have flashed netmf 4.3 to the spider and it is working just fine with other devices.

Any ideas?


I should mention I am not using Gadgeteer .

Are you just powering the board through the USB port are have you also got an external power supply as well?

Just the USB.

You suspect lack of power thru USB?

that’s a good point, I will try an external supply and check it out.

I’ve never had to use an external power supply when using an ESP8266 module ([url][/url]).

It’s a long shot but something I’ve seen in the past so best to rule it out…

Here is a partial schematic for my module. Maybe it will help.