ESP8266 AT command set now supports SSL!

I haven’t tested it yet (won’t have time with mainboard development going on), but according to their docs the AT command set now supports SSL (1 connection).

[url][AT Release] ESP8266_AT_V0.60 based on ESP8266_NONOS_SDK_V1.5.2 - ESP8266 Developer Zone


Very cool, except for this bit…

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hot air rework time! ( :frowning: )

Does anyone know about the AT command to load or default address for certificate data?

Looks like they gave us a personal check and… without their signature! :smiley:

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I’ve taken the challenge to update one of my ESP-01 modules to a whopping 64MBit and you know what, it even works and updated to AT but the OTA didn’t play along :wall:

Anybody, suggestions ?

Oh, and Brett, this is all hand soldered without hot air :snooty:

And for those not having it yet [url][/url]

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@ .Peter. - download and flash manually.


@ munderhill - Thanks, Mike.

Sorry to say that the AT command still doesn’t work with SSL