Error Webserver using Safari

I’m using the Webserver
“GT.Networking.WebServer.StartLocalServer(.IPAddress, 80)”
" mvarWebCam = WebServer.SetupWebEvent(“Picture.BMP”)"
to publish a Bitmap

every thing is running well, using the ie to receive.

now I’m testing SAFARI / IPOD

while the “responder.Respond(mvarPicture)” the program clears the display
and writes:

Build Date:
Nov 29 2012

pc =0x00004f9c
lr =0xf0e0bfef
sp =0x4000f360

the “lr” varies some times

the debugging with the Deployment.EXE writes:
RAMC CRC:892a88c0!=7bfeb047
RAMC 00:eaffffff
RAMC 04:e59ff010
RAMC 08:baadf00d
RAMC 0c:e59ff00c
RAMC 10:e59ff00c
RAMC 14:baadf00d
RAMC 18:e59ff008

then everithing is hanging

My Question it’s helpfull to post things/codes like that.
should I report bugs somewere else ?

This is a system crash report. Can you please provide us with a simple example on now we can reproduce this on our end.

I’ve clean it up, so it’s only a minimum of code
hope its help.

I only get the error with a IPOD (2.Generation / Safari-Broser)
With the ie on win7 every thing works.

…sorry howto add a Project zip-File

You can send it to gusi@ ghi domain dot com please

I’ve send a mail…


We have tested this on a few different platforms with Safari, and all seem to work. We are working on getting more devices to test with, and will post back when we do.

if it’s important to find the error its maybe possible you building the project
with a public IP so i can use my IPOD/Safari to get the picture…
so maybe you can record the communication