Error > Updating display configuration. THE MAINBOARD WILL NOW REBOOT

OK. When you get to this line, STEP INTO it with F11

I suspect it will fail at the T43 initialisation.

suspicion tells me that the disassembly is not available
What should I do?

Did you try Dave’s suggestion? InitializeModules is part of your project it is autogenerated method. You should be able to “step into” it.

has been done, but the debugger will stop and the restart message is an infinite loop?

the program on Hydra works but does not go to Debug?

You should be able to step into the Initialize function with F11

Single step the code until you get to that line and then press F11 to step into the function.

I suspect it will fail after you step through this line. Can you confirm this?

Me.display_T43 = New GTM.GHIElectronics.Display_T43(10, 11, 12, 13)

Yes confirm!!

it fails on that line…

Me.display_T43 = New GTM.GHIElectronics.Display_T43(10, 11, 12, 13)

is there a solution?

Can you follow the process outlined in this document: and add the Display_T43 source to your project and see what line it fails at in there?

I can not do this test because I drive the design of the display??

type -> T43.csproj

always considered that development in Visual Basic and all of the examples I have to translate them in this language!
but do not do any examples for VB?

I spent some time with this exact same problem, Hydra with a T43 display… i.e. I would do the restart still no debugger.

here is my solution.

				//Reset board if needed
//				if (GHIOSHW.LCDController.Set(config))
//				{
//					Debug.Print("Updating display configuration. THE MAINBOARD WILL NOW REBOOT.");
//					Debug.Print("To continue debugging, you will need to restart debugging manually (Ctrl-Shift-F5)");

//					Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware.PowerState.RebootDevice(false);
//				}

Basically, I just commented out the command to reboot the device and I stopped having problems.

It is a little complicated to set this up however, perhaps the simplest way is to just bring the project “Display_T43_42” into your current solution.

Then open the file Display_T43_42.cs and make the changes. Compile the module, then go back you project (within the same Dev Studio solution)

In your project open the references and remove GTM.GHIElectronics.Display_T43 from the references list.

Then right click on References and select Add Reference. In the pop up dialog select the tab that says project. You should see an entry for Display_T43_42. Select that and OK.

Works for me is all I can say.

For the others: the if statement:

if (GHIOSHW.LCDController.Set(config))

on my system was always true when debugging. The result was the board would restart, which detaches the debugger, but once the debugger was detached the program on the Hydra would run “normally” as long as that means without debugging output.

is not a solution is a bypass :wink:

also wanting to do this where I find the design of the library display in my HD is not there?


How did you initially update the Firmware? Can you go through a manual update of the Firmware, i.e. erase the entire board and reload everything?

I updated the firmware from the Hydra tool original
the reference to display in the list of compilation but this is not debugged …
I can add the project T43.csproj if someone tells me where to find it :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I loaded the project Display_T43_42 :wink:

now how to instantiate the original project?

adessso to use the class in the other project?

I went into debug C # and the project stops here

     public Display_T43 (rgbSocketNumber1 int, int rgbSocketNumber2, rgbSocketNumber3 int, int touchSocketNumber)
             : base (WPFRenderOptions.Ignore)

and requests the file DisplayModule.cs ???

[quote]also available on

you should download the complete gadgeteer source and remove the gadgeteer reference from your project and add the downloaded instead
has already been performed!

but the module DisplayModule.cs in the project Display_T43_42
is not present and is not in the project folder!?

in the project of the display T43 there are only these files…

You don’t need to add the Gadgeteer things to your project unless the exception occurs on a Gadgeteer line. When it asks for DisplayModule.cs, you can just ignore it and step over that line.