Eric receiving Cobra and Panda for free

Eric had showed a lot of interest in FEZ and already started working on FEZ and helping the community and he does not have a FEZ :o

Can you imagine how much contribution he will provide once having a FEZ?

…well, he now does have his own FEZes and we look forward to see more contributions.

Great! Good luck with FEZ! Keep us posted with all the cool stuff you will probably make 8)

:clap: to Eric and GHI (again :wink: )

:clap: :clap:Congratulation Eric! :dance: :dance:
And thanks for the generosity of GHI!!

Gratz Eric

I’m a Eric, but I don’t think I’m the Eric mentioned.


Congratz Eric … who ever you are!


My middle name is Eric! :smiley:

Thanks Gus

I was planning on posting the same message, though…couldn’t stop playing with the Fez boards ;D Sorry for that.

I hope to contribute as fast as I can, need to get used to the boards first. I did already managed to set and read the time/date from a DS1307 over I2C with the Panda. (Will post it to the wiki soon)

Again, Many thanks for making this possible.


Congrats EriSan!