Erasing the EMX module

I’d like to know if there is a method to completely erase the GHI firmware to start from the ground up with NETMF porting, driver programming or porting legacy C/C++ projects to the (fantastic) EMX module.

I’ve found references to a special firmware file ( completely erase the internal flash and be able to use the NXP bootloader. It’s currently not available for download however.

Another option would be to order the boards unprogrammed, if possible.
We have a nearly completed application board to be used with the EMX module but we need to confirm this possibility before actually ordering the boards.

Thank you very much,

You have to contact GHI directly for blank module and use JTAG to program it.

Although you can use EMX, there are plenty on LPC2478 boards on the market made especially for native programming and for JTAG. EMX is not made to serve this need.

I would recommend looking into Embedded Artists, they have a pretty nice OEM module and eval kit. They were my first choice prior to running across the EMX.

The bigger question is why do you need to wipe the LPC2478 clean? If all you need is to write a real-time driver, look into GHI’s RLP feature. It allows you to write native code and access that code from managed code just like a DLL in a PC environment.

I don’t really need the module wiped and I’m interested in the RPL feature indeed. Even though, I’d like to use the JTAG debugger for the C projects and That’s not going to be permitted as long as all GHI property code is not removed.
I really like the EMX form factor better that others (such as EA’s) that I’m using now and I was thinking of unifying several current lpc24xx hw development platforms using it.

Good point. So let me let you in on a secret but you can’t tell anyone :slight_smile: You can write a little RLP program to erase all FLASH and then the chip is blank and the JTAG is unlocked. Note that there is not public support for doing this but if you are suing this professionally with a volume order in ind then we can help you get your program started on EMX.

So now with beta you can do the same trick with USBizi boards too? Good to know.

Ha ha!
Gus, I was almost sure of that, but I don’t like to make plans to do what I’m not supposed to do (belive me!).
In the docs is stated that the boards come with RPL feature locked, what is needed to be able to execute RPL code?
Do you know if I could be served blank modules if I make an order for a bigger quantity?

This is my app board, is really small and have usb host, ethernet, two CAN transceivers, 16 bit a/d along with connectors and other interfaces.

Nice board.

RLP was locked but it is now open with beta SDK, will be released in about 2 weeks. If you can’t wait, email GHI directly for access to the beta please.

Miguel, you’ll have to look into ordering your boards from someone like Advanced Circuits ( or sunstone. They will provide you with boards blanks…personally I’d go with AC since they have the $66 each for 4-layer special.


I am trying to use the EMX module similar to what Miguel described and was wondering if there is still no easy way to erase the flash and enable the JTAG port so I can load native code ?


None I’m aware of; native code through RLP is still possible (and no longer requiring unlocking)