ENIG or HASL for PCB finish

Err, have you licensed the Inspector Gadget image? :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you believe me if I said yes? :smirk:

For me, it takes about 6 weeks. Is there any service that would test the board for you that is close to the manufacturer? I’ve found that waiting 6 weeks and paying shipping and taxes for a non-working set of PCB’s is pretty painful.

Define test… They already do a full e test or are you talking about populating and turning on the juice to test for the magic smoke?

Is that with DHL courier or normal postal service?

Is that with DHL courier or normal postal service?

Didn’t have the option for DHL.

Yep, test for magic smoke. Also to determine if the outputs are in an expected state. I was tinkering with the idea of a Remote controlled Osciliscope for just that purpose.

They also offer Fedex? There must be at least one courier who delivers to your country?

Very strange as DHL is listed in your country and has an office address in Port of Spain. It must be JLCPCB who limits the end address.

The problem is customs. For anything other than mail, T&T customs is a pain. I don’t want to have to spend 3 days in the airport trying to clear cargo; I have a 9-5 job to do.

Isn’t that what DHL does for you? In nearly all countries, DHL handles the clearance for you and you simply make payment before or during delivery. You really do have it difficult there and here was me thinking Indonesia was a pain to deal with.

We started to use DHL to ship our systems to a client in Dubai as it was considerably faster and cheaper than the air cargo option we used before. The client was happy as DHL handled the clearance and all they had to do was pay the duty and get the goods delivered. We ended up with 3-4 days faster delivery too.

We have Skyboxes that handle the clearance of items. This means that the items have to first show up at the forwarding address (there is one in the US and one in the UK for my provider). It then gets shipped via airfreight to T&T, the provider has their employee’s do the waiting in customs, fill out the paperwork, get a broker etc. and then the delivery vans are packed and sent out.

Due to COVID, there has been a massive spike in skybox use. So much so that customs is overwhelmed. Before, I could order on Amazon on Monday, have it reach the skybox by Wednesday and be at my location by Friday. Now, It reaches the skybox by Wednesday but I sometimes don’t get the item until the following Wednesday!

I live in switzerland. Everything below ~70USD including shipping is free to import. Above that it’s about 8% of VAT plus ~20 USD for DHL handling. Delivery from JLCPCB takes about a week including customs.

Can’t say i’m close to JLCPCB but I am quite happy with the delivery cost/conditions. I wouldn’t mind ocasionally testing some boards if it can be done with relatively low amount of time. I earn enough that I wouldn’t want to make money off of that and i am always happy to learn from the best :wink:. What kind of testing do you need?

I need to build and test a quad powerStep01 board with an integrated pocket beagle. It basically to plug it in and see if it turns over.