Engineering notebook

I am a big fan of engineering paper. So I was very happy when Ryan O’Hara sent me this book. He is the creator of the RGB-132 project on Kickstarter I have mentioned before
RGB-123 Led Matrices by Ryan O'Hara — Kickstarter .

He is preparing another KS where he will be making these books for backers.

That was an unexpected early Christmas present. :dance:

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Very nice. Here’s mine that my wife got for me a few years ago from

Can you explain what it is used for? I don’t understand what the profit of such a book is…except the fact that your name is stamped in gold on the front side :smiley:

No practical experience with such a book, but in “labs” there is a requirement to track what work occurred on particular dates, to allow for scientific discovery attribution if there was ever a situation where two “findings” were compared to each other. I expect this is also suitable for any kind of engineering and this workbook is how you’d track it. For a personal project perspective it’s probably less important.