Endpoint internal Cortex-M4 processor

The STM32MP153 is a Dual Core Cortex-A7 and it adds a Cortex-M4 core as well. The Dual Cores run the OS and the .NET 8 application. Is the M4 core currently being used? Can it run bare metal STM32 user code? Or is it some form of TinyCLR?
Can someone explain what runs where, when, and how?

Can someone explain what runs where, when, and how?

Currently, M4 is used for DigitalSignal (Capture, ReadPulse, and Generate). We are planning to add Pulse Feedback soon.

To explain how it work, it will be a long story. Basically, there is M4 firmware load into M4, and M4 and A7 talk together by special protocol.

A7 send requests to M4, M4 do them and return the result to A7.

Are you planning something with M4?

TinyCLR and SitCore are great products for what they are but they are not great at “real-time” hardware interrupt processing. For applications that require real-time hardware interrupt handling an external processor is usually suggested.
With Endpoint having the M4 core it seems it could be a “best of both worlds” solution.

I am just trying to learn what the capabilities of Endpoint are and potentially will be.


Also, yes. write a program in C/C++, compile to elf, load to M4 and run

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Just came across this post, I also have a need for a more accurate interrupt solution (though for SitCore in my case.) I’d like to use an external IC to parse an analog video signal and do work on every frame (24-60hz.) The Capture functionality is super accurate and awesome, but the interrupt functionality isn’t as precise.

Would be super helpful for me!

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