Endpoint Debugger Connection Crashes

Somewhat newbe here, I’m not terribly experienced in VS, so bear that in mind. Clean install of VS2022 Community edition. Installed endpoint debugger. Tried to created a new project. Clicked on debug - options - endpoint debugger. When I select the device connected (192.168.82.something), it can’t connect to the device, gives me an error and won’t ‘make’ the connection.

Tried copying over the IPcamera example last night and running that - it seemed to work OK and communicated with the device, and it errored out when it went looking for a wifi bit that wasn’t there.

This morning started up VS, using the ipcamera example, clicked debug - options - endpoint debugger, and VS crashes when trying to execute that commend. Uninstalled the endpoint extension, then went back and re-installed it - it still crashes when I select debug - options - endpoint debugger. VS then helpfully suggests I disable the endpoint extension… well thats not really very helpful, is it lol!

And just so I know, when we create a new project, we won’t see something like “new Endpoint C# Project” we just select a generic C# windows form project, right?

Thanks folks!


There is no Endpoint project template.

No! Use a Console Application.

Like @Mike said, this is a great thing where your project is just a pure .net project, nothing is different besides of where you deploy it.

All too true…

Most of the time when I start a new project I forget to enable the EndPoint debugger. When I first deploy I get all sorts of error messages about missing DLLs since the program runs on the development PC.

Sometimes too easy is difficult…


Thanks Folks, “console ap” was the key bit I was missing, no VC crashing lol.