End of Summer Clearance Sale!

The fun of summer is over, so to combat those winter blues we are excited to give you up to 50% off select products, including the FEZ Cerb40 II for only $14.95. And don’t forget there is free shipping for orders over $250.00!

FEZ Cerb40 II: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/450
All Sale Items: https://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/sale


Bring back the $1 Holey Boards :smiley: I only got 4 last time. I should have gotten 40.

@ mtylerjr - that is a Christmas only special :wink:

Pick up 40 mainboards now while they’re on sale and I’ll bet Gus will throw in 40 Holey boards to go with them :wink:


Do you see what you make me do?!


Man I wish you guys did this when I ordered the RPi gadgeteer boards a couple of weeks ago.

And one dollar holey boards? How did I miss that?

Oh well, cool stuff, I made an order any way. I love the stuff here.

@ jordanmills - there is no $1 board :slight_smile: that was last year.

@ kevintoronto - Welcome to the forum Kevin. What are you doing with the ALFAT?

he is into Pay Day Loans, may be there is a use for ALCAM in the biz.

@ Rajesh - ;D

Seems like a lot of effort to go to for a spammer…but that’s the way I’d bet. Sheesh.

Time for GHI to implement a verification step during account creation, methinks.

@ devhammer - I was asking about ALFAT to verify “validity”. ;D

I think we can pretty confidently intuit “validity” from the profile…and the fact that if you scripted the account creation to default to the first answer for any multiple-choice question, you’d end up with a profile that looks like this one. :wink:

@ Mike - That, and commenting on a post that’s clearly old, and would be obviously so to a human, but not, perhaps, to a poorly-written script.

@ devhammer - We have a diverse group on this forum. There is a chance, abeit rather small, that he could be legit. Besides, if I am ever in Canada, and need to cash a check, I will have a friend. :smiley:

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Deleted this fake account :slight_smile:

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And I was just getting ready to ask about the APR!