End of days

My worst fear has come to pass (or at least one of my worst fears). I can’t find the API documentation for .Net Micro. It was available a few months ago on the MSDN site but I can’t find it now, Anyone have any ideas how to find it? Please?

If you have a URL, you could try the WayBack machine (https://archive.org). I don’t have a copy. I could try to get in touch with people internally that maintain that stuff and see if we can capture a copy, but that’s a long shot for a number of reasons, but I will try.


So that’s weird. They took 4.4 off the main site and left the legacy documentation up there in the archive. Once would hope they would move 4.4 to the legacy page too, but that would probably make people call you an optimist.

@Justin - You made my whole day. Many thanks. Now does anyone know how to turn a web site and all it’s references into a .pdf document?

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You still awake?

@Gene - some light bedtime reading for you :sunglasses:

@Justin - I was almost ready to make you my new best friend. I can see the whole API in the .chm list of topics. But when I click on one (I’ve tried a bunch) nothing shows up in the right hand pane. What am I missing?

Thanks again


@Gene - ah the joys of the nasty wild west interweb

Right click on the file > Properties > Unblock

And now we are BFF’s :blush:

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@Justin - I definitely owe you a beverage or 2 of your choice when we meet. What part of NZ are you from? I spent a week or 2 in Nelson and it might be my favorite town in the world. By the way, I googled BBW and I don’t think it means the same here in the States as it does in NZ :confused:


@Gene - lol yeah i meant BFF as i think BBW means the same down under :rofl:

I have a plan for a NETMF ASV so you and @rockybooth could come down under and drink beers and play with big boy’s toys :smile:

I shouldn’t ask. What were you doing/thinking that made you get that so wrongly wrong? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::nerd_face:

Just trying to spice things up :rofl:

Staring at Altium too long has obviously confused my brain as i dont look at Gentlemen’s sites…honest :blush: