ENC28C60 vs WizNet W5100


I see that FEZ Connect Shield is built on WizNET but for Gadgeteer, GHI choose the Microchip ENC28C60.

So what ?

Has anyone experience with both ?
What are strength and weakness of each solution ?

I’ve seen that WizNet is 100BaseT capable but I doubt that our UsBizi have the power to handle such a sustained throughput.


Wiznet has built in TCP stack. So it uses less resources. The trade off is the limitations.

I thought that this was the case for the Microchip too as it is intended to be connected to PIC processors that are not very high end.
Reading again the datasheet, it is now clear.


I don’t know much about WizNet chip, but I have used the ENC28J60 in the PIC18 world and it is really poor chip for ARM mcu but it’s easy to interface. It’s enough just for PIC18 mcu.

Many other chips are on the market that can make better job. Remaining low cost on Microchip products, for example the new ENC624J600, that can manage little better performance for the ATMEL SAM9R chip.

Info here: http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/Devices.aspx?dDocName=en541877

ENC28J60 is simply a MAC interface. It does why you tell it to do, just like any MAC interface. Connect it to a PIC/AVR/arduino and you have a simple web access, connect it to Hydra and you have full blown internet access including SSL. The “system” decides what ENC28J60 will do.

Wiznet is different. It uses zero resources from the system but no matter what system or processor you use, you will always have the same 4 sockets.

Which one is better? There is no answer to such question. This depends on your system’s resources.

I can agree that PHY chips can give better control of the features.
Simply for new design I would have choosen the ENC624 that can use native 100MBits LAN access with a faster SPI.

Gus please what the state of the art of the ENC28-Hydra driver ? I have a couple of ENC28 and ENC624 chips to make some tests.