ENC28 Vs. ENC28J60

What is the difference between these two calls?

Where do you see them?

I’d say it’s the same. The “J60” is often cut off wo make it short.

First, I apologize for my poorly asked question. I’ve attached an image to show what I mean. I guess there are some obvious differences but more than the differences why would you use one instead of the other?

I got you now.
the ENC28J60 is the “core NETMF driver” interface, if you like to call it that way.
the ENC28 is a Gadgeteer module driver.
Gadgeteer is a on top layer over NETMF.
But it is often recommended to avoid using Gadgeteer networking modules if possible, and use the pure NETMF ones directly for stability reasons.
But actually I nerer used the Gadgeteer ones so far, so I can’t confirm this first hand.

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