ENC28 Overheating

Has anyone experienced any issues with the ENC28 module overheating? I purchased one to use with my FEZ Cerbuino Bee, connected to socket 1 after updating the mainboard to us the firmware with Ethernet. After powering up the board, I found that I could not deploy from VS2012 and then the ENC28 module begins to overheat, to the point where the chip on the module is untouchable. I have also downloaded the latest firmware and libraries.

Sounds like it got damaged somehow. Please contact us directly for RMA

Thanks to the GHI team for their great customer service. I picked up my replacement ENC28 module reconnected it to my mainboard board and ‘drum roll’ it was a success. Within two minutes the former module would have been untouchable, now communication is on the way between the mainboard and my network.