ENC28 Low power mode

We are working on a low-power project that will need ethernet, but only sometimes, so I’m looking for places to shave some mA and the ENC28 seems to be a good place to save.

Can anyone share some information, tips, or advice on how to go about using the ENC28’s in built low-power mode? Is there a way to extend the driver? Can I just close the network interface, then write over the same SPI port to it?


Why not completely shut it off?

Yes, I had thought of that (MOSFET or similar) but thought it may be better/more elegant to do it through the the ‘proper’ method.

Do you know if power-cycling the chip will cause any issues with re-establishing the driver and network connectivity? I’m sure it would be much the same as when the the board is booting up after a power reset?