ENC28 Ethernet Connector mismatch

I’m drawing a PCB board with the enc28 ethernet controller using GHI schematic as reference (http://www.ghielectronics.com/downloads/Gadgeteer/Module/Ethernet%20ENC28%20sch.pdf).
The internal schema (magnetic circuit) of the PulseJack RJ-45 connector (J0011D01BNL) can be viewed in the technical datasheet (http://productfinder.pulseeng.com/products/datasheets/J403.pdf)
but it doesn’t corresonds with the schematic pinout.
Can anyone explain this strange connection?

same question

Cybernox, it was better for you. My pcb was made with this schematic

I couldn´t identify transmit and receive pins.
Reading the ENC28J60 datasheet, I reconnected the J0011D01BNL, but the issue persists.
My PC detects a local network, sends several packages without response. ENC28J60 starts heating, and finally, the leds integrated in the jack stop blinking. Windows loose the network.

In addition, C1 (0.1uF in ghi schematic) is bigger than the specification of the ENC28J60 datasheet (0.01uF).
I don’t think that it is a big deal, but I can´t measure the consequences.

We updated the schematics to remove the wrong connector part number. The one we use a custom connector not available at distributors. It is best if you select one that is locally available to you.

Thanks for your response Gus.
Looking for the “10 differences” between the Ethernet modules I bought and my pcb, I found that the shield of the jack is connected to ground and, in your module, it is not.
Can it makes the communication fail?
It is still failing and I am running out of ideas.

I’ve just tested our ethernet PCB prototype and it works correctly.
Here the schematic of my PCB

at the end, all of my issues were caused for a bad soldering.
Now my pcb works and the schematic looks like yours.