EMX with Newhaven 7" display

Hi guys,
we are trying to connect this Newhaven display to our board with EMX:


As we are not still able to make it work, I have few questions.

About the wiring, we are not sure about DEN signal - we have connected it to the EMX LCD_EN - is it correct? DISP signal should be just on/off so it is just 1 - display is really on so I presume there is no problem.

According to a datasheet I set the following LCD configuration via FEZ config:

Width: 800
Height: 480
Output Enable Is Fixed: False
Output Enable Polarity: True
Horizontal Sync Polarity: False
Vertical Sync Polarity: False
Pixel polarity: False

Horizontal sync pulse width: 48
Horizontal back porch: 88
Horizontal front porch: 40
Vertical sync pulse width: 3
Vertical back porch: 32
Vertical front porch: 13
Pixel clock rate: 14400

I tried to change polarity but with the same results. We are quite desperate so we will be grateful for any hints.

@ Marten - The display you are using is one of the ones that our recently announced Display NHVN supports. You can always compare its schematic with your board to see if the pins are connected correctly. The timings you listed are correct.


How have you connected the RGB signals to the EMX?

DEN should be connected to the LCD_EN output from the processor.

Thank you guys for hints. The problem was the we have connected pin no. 35 to the logical 1 and it should really stayed NOT CONNECTED as it’s in the pin description documentation. Now it’s working like a charm.

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Cool. By the way, if you’ve not done it yet, enable the G120 overclocking and you will see quite an improvement in the graphics redraw etc.

I have the 7" on a G400 and it just whizzes along nicely. I’ll post some pics of it soon.

@ Dave McLaughlin - I didn’t know that I’m able to overclock EMX (even it has same processor as G120). I will give it a try.