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EMX with 4.2


Is using MFDeploy via TCP/IP on my EMX no longer supported? I have upgraded to the newest GHI SDK (


I think It is not supported.
I don’t know if it is going to be added or not.


Thanks for the quick reply @ Architect and @ andre.m . Guess I will have to explore IFU now that it is finally in 4.2.

Getting really frustrated with the state of 4.2. I’ve rolled back to 4.1 before because of the EMX MAC address issue. Now this. I’ve already worked around 4.1’s issues. If I need to roll back again because of more crippling bugs, I will have to find another solution for my project. This is not what I have come to expect from GHI and it’s really disappointing.

Sorry, ranting. But I’m getting frustrated.


@ High-Speed Dan - Use IFU it is better then socket DebugInterface.


@ andre.m - According to, 4.2 has not been “beta” since the end of November, early December.


@ andre.m @ Architect

Thank you for your help guys. I don’t mean to sound like a douche. I appreciate all the help this form offers and all the hard work GHI does. Just stinks doing a whole bunch of work to find out stuff dosen’t work.


This is not a bug. We have no plans to support TCP debugging on any of our devices. Possible in far future when the new TCP stack is 100% bulletproof.