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EMX stops working


I have EMX available with me. I have purchased it around 2-3 months back.

uptill now it is working properly. Suddenly today, when i have connected it with USB port It has shown GHI logo and then the blank screen.

It is also not detecting MS Visual C# express and MFDeploy.

Please guide me what goes wrong.


Have you an external power supply? If not get one USB doesn’t supply enough current on some PC’s.

Did it stop working after deploying an application? If so it might be in an error state!

Worst case senario! Can you disconnect the LCD and try ping the bare board with MF deploy.

See how you get on

Cheers Ian


Seems something is wrong. Enter he GHI loader and erase the entire board using the (E Command) and then download the firmware.
Firmware update instructions and videos are under downloads.


Thanks Mike, As per your guidance, i have erase the board and download the firmeware and its starts working.

Can you please let me know what could be the reason behind this kind of situations? This will help me to handle the EMX tool more accuratly to avoide this kind of problems.


Many possibilities, maybe the application is crashing. Activated the watchdog somehow. You saved incorrect configurations…