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EMX PWM Issues


Hi everybody!

I have a minor issue, maybe I am missing something obvious:

I run PWM on 2 ports on the EMX development module(PWM3 and PWM4) and when I run both at the same cycle (1 second) I can vary the speed of both ports without issues - thus 0 up to 100 % cycle, but when I run PWM3 port at 100 ms and PWM4 still at 1 second, the port running the 1 second cycle does not work correctly anymore, 0%, 10% gives nothing and 20% - 100% gives 100% always… (Tested against a 2 second(PWM4) 1 second(PWM3) cycle also - same result)

If I use the ports the other way around then everything seems fine - and in scenario one there are no exceptions(errors) occuring…

Maybe I missed something obvious?

And thanks for an active and great forum!!!


Beginner book says:

You can try to look at Output Compare


Thanks: So much for me reading the “Beginner Book” :smiley:

There is no good reason for me anyways to run different frequencies when using servos, it was just entertaining when using the lights - ok, thanks again!!!

I also found that I increased my 100ms pulse by 100 instead of 10, but still hd issues but your reply dos help, and solve the “apparent mystery”.