EMX PPP IP route/share

Dear All,
I have developed software + pcb with EMX ver. 4.3 for a government tender (fisher boats tracking).
The device is a GPS tracker having a satellite modem connected to emx serial pins. And there is tablet pc in the project as well with wifi feature.
Which the tablet has to be connected to internet with WIFI on EMX. So I have to share/route my satellite PPP internet connection over wifi with the tablet.
A diagram is attached.
I need your help how is this possible?

And second issue is;
I will sometimes need to update/deploy my software to EMX over PPP.
if I upload my software to a ftp site, and download it over PPP, how can I install it when my software is running on EMX. Is it possible, is there a command, class for this?

Thank you all.

Thank you Andre.
For the first issue;
The need is: One application on the tablet; has to be updated from google play strore.
The only internet is the satellite modem PPP connection on my pcb. I can add a wifi module to my pcb.
The tablet has a wifi feature. But no gsm or other internet connection.
Can both the wifi and ppp interface work at the same time on emx ver. 4.3?
Or only one network interface at a time?

what you are talking about is a bridge between two networks.

That is not simple, and it is unlikely that you could achieve that with a wifi module connected to an EMX.

If you need to explore this further, I’d strongly suggest getting the question to GHI’s consulting services team directly because you’re unlikely to get anyone from the community who can do this.

Personally, I would look to do this the other way. Get a wifi Access Point that has a sat modem connected, and have both the tablet and the EMX device connect via that.

Dear Brett,
I would like to solve this with a wifi access point but;
the modem is connected to emx with uart, and there is no other interface on the modem.
So I can connect the emx and tablet with wifi but the problem is, routing/bridging the PPP internet coonnection from emx uart to wifi.

I wonder can both the wifi and ppp interface work at the same time on emx ver. 4.3?
Or only one network interface at a time?

We currently support only one interface but you can switch from one to another.