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EMX Layout Question


The layout file (you can see a blown up copy of it below) is a little confusing. I work with a lot of engineering drawings and I may be over complicating it, but if somebody would clear it up I would appreciate it…

What are the actual dimensions of the board? The interior “arrow” markings (to me) look like that’s the distance from the interior of the bottom pads to the interior of the top pads (and likewise on the width).

What are the pad numbers for the top pads and the bottom pads? I’m trying to pull up pictures of the board, but this should really be outlined on the drawing, are the top the T pads, and the bottom the J pads, labeled left to right?

What is the large black circle in the upper left corner? Is that just the Pin 1 marking?

Why are the 5 large pads (via’s) that are under the top connector not called out on the drawing? I would expect that this would be an area I would want to stay away from routing traces under for fear of contacting an open pad.

Thanks in advance.


You have some good points. I will pass this on to get it updated.

As for the overall dimensions, it is 1.8" x 1.55" and the circle is pin 1 marking (this is there from old EM but now it is not needed)


Thanks Gus… What about the names of the top and bottom pads?


They are exactly how they show in schematics here

So top ones are J1 to J15 and bottom ones are T1 to T20