EMX Keeps Rebooting

I am new to the EMX, so I hope that I am just doing something silly.

I’ve been working on my custom application for a couple of days and all of a sudden, the board keeps rebooting. After manually resetting it, the screen went white. I figured I needed to update the board. I followed the instructions online and updated the board via Tera Term. Erased Everything (E) and Updated. Then used MFDeploy to CLR files. The board seem to be back to normal.

I put the GHI demo application into the board and that worked fine. Plugged my USB and it read, however, as soon as I plugged the Ethernet cable into the board, it began rebooting again. I take the Ethernet cable out and it stays up no problem.

Sounds to me like a hardware issue, but I am wondering if anybody has experienced this before? My custom application requires the use of the Ethernet port, so I am stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated it.

Welcome to the forum!

Not enough power. Use external power.

Any other hardware connected?

I plugged the board to external power and it stopped rebooting when the Ethernet cable would get plug in. It is odd that it worked fine for a couple of days running out of the USB power. But at least it is back up and running. Thanks for all the help!

You are welcome!

Thanks Architect, you solved my problem as well!