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EMX In-Field Update NETMF4.2


After long time Im again start working with NETMF boards and because 4.2 is now almost completed(Missing application protection) Im decide to convert my projects to 4.2 …
Im see that In-Field update in 4.2 is changed, some methods are removed and from Documentation removed a lot of informations… In 4.1 Im using Pyxis2 update methode and now I have few questions…
Is in 4.2 still needed to split FLASH into two managed partitions(App and bootloader)?
If yes how can we do this because “SystemUpdate.EnableBootloader” is not avalible anymore?
If no than I just simple run updating procedure from managed application(on boot without loaded all parts of application to have as much as posible free RAM) like in documentation?


IFU is now very lean and simple. The first thing I suggest doing to to completely forget about 4.1 IFU implementation. Second, see this please


Hi Gus,
Thanks for reply. Im see this page and this has been reason why Im ask question regard IFU in 4.2 because it looks to simple to be true if I compare it to IFU in 4.1 :slight_smile: