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EMX Emulator and Debug Error



i am using Turkish version of Windows 7. I installed VS2010, Micro Framework 4.1 and GHI SDK 4.1 in order and then i updated my GHI EMX board with MFDeploy tool.

My GHI EMX board opens and waits for debug command when i plug the USB cable. A screenshot can be seen below.

If i use GHIElectronics reference in my console project, VS2010 gives errors for Microsoft Emulator (in emulation mode) and EMX_EMX device (in USB mode). If i don’t use GHIElectronics references, i can easily download the program to GHI EMX board or simulate in Microsoft Emulator. The errors when GHIElectronics refernces are used are shown below.

What should i do? I am struggling for many days and couldn’t find a solution.


The GHI libs do not work on Microsoft emulator, only work on GHI hardware

The second problem is setting your OS locale to English. I think there is a sticky on this forum explaining this


Should i install English version of Windows 7 or change language settings in control panel?

I couldn’t find sticky on this forum? Would you send me the link?


OK, i changed my date format setting. I have no problem now. Thank you for your support.