EMX / Embedded Master -TFTEXP Rev. 2.4A : question upgrade

Currently working :

SDK for NETMF v4.1
GHI Loader Version 1.08
TinyBooter V4.1.6.0
Emx/ Embedded Master V4.1.8.0

When upgrading to EMX v4.2.5.0 , TinyBooter v4.2.5.0 :

Loading new TinyBooter (Tera Term) get blinking internal error 0XD734 on screen.

Question : Is it possible to upgrade my board to the latest version ?



Hi Chris B, welcome to the forums.

Is your device an EMX or an Embedded Master? I suspect it’s just an EM; if so, I am pretty sure that the “EM only” specifics were not moved forward into 4.2, so you can only use 4.1.

Hi Brett , thank you .

Embedded Master TFTEXP , but moved to the new version of Embedded Master called EMX.

EMX is an entirely new chip. You can use the EMX firmware on EM but only in 4.1; I have an EM based device too 4.1 is the way to go.

Do you mean that your device has the EMX module on it instead of the original EM module?

Brett ,

Embedded Master Module. EMX and Embedded Master are essentially identical in features and dimensions.
In GHI NETMF v4.1 SDK /Embedded Master more information ( EMX vs. Embedded Master Module) , pdf file.
The document “EM vs. EMX” highlights the few differences between the modules.

They are similar, but different.

(This is my interpretation of how things worked)
There used to be code that sensed the difference between EM and EMX in the firmware, that meant 4.1 could cater for both devices. That code was not included in 4.2 so you can’t use it.