EMX Development System Eagle Schematic and Board

I’m trying to find the EAGLE schematic and board native files for the EMX Development System. Would you please direct me to these files?

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Schematics file is available as pdf, but eagle files are not publicly available.


Thank you very much. :’( :’( :’(

So no eagle parts of just the board itself to lay the pads out on a seperate board? Surely someone has already done this :slight_smile:

You have Eagle files for Cobra which use EMX…

We have the Cobra Board and the TFT Board in native files. Our plan was to use these, cut, paste, etc. to generate our final PWB… but the EMX Developement System is pretty much what we will end up with when we are finished. If we had the EMX Developement System it would save us some time (and the inevitable error corrections haha)…