EMX dev board + 7'' touch display panel

Hi all!
I have the EMX development board and recently bought the 7’’ touch display panel. But I was surprised that it seems to be no simple way to connect them together. Their connectors seem not to be compartible (40 pins connector on the panel side vs 60 pins native or 26 pins “LCD” connectors on the dev board, pin order differs as well). I just wonder is there any simple solution to connect them together except manual soldering some kind of cable or buying and using the Cobra board instead? Also is it safe to simply unplug the native 3.5’’ display and leave it back light circuit unused but active?

The 7" display was designed after EMX DevSys so they are not directly plug-and-play-compatible. It is made to plug directly to FEZ Cobra.

There is a header on EMX that exposes all display signals but wiring all of them will not be simple and may not work nicely. There is over 20 signals.

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Thank you, Gus!

I mostly expected to hear smth like that… So the only way for me right now is to wire them manually.
What about leaving the board back light circuit active but disconnected from own 3.5’’ display?

You do not need to disconnect the 3.5" display at all. Wire the 7" and keep the 3.5" connected.

OK, thank you, Gus. I’ll give it a try.